Harvard Wikis

Harvard WikisHarvard Wikis allows you to create, edit and publish content collaboratively. Harvard Wikis is powered by Confluence.

Who can access my Harvard Wiki site?

There are a number of ways you can set up your wiki:

  1. Anonymous users - anyone can view the wiki.
  2. Groups - you can set up the following groups to access your wiki:
    • General groups - HUID only, HUID and XID holders only, HUID, XID and Alumni.Harard ID holders only
    • LDAP groups - groups managed at the Harvard University level such as faculty, student, and staff at different schools
    • Custom groups - groups you create
  • Individual users - you can add individuals from the Harvard Community
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    What kinds of permissions can I grant to users?

    There are four levels of permissions available in Harvard Wikis:

    1. Create space - can create new spaces within the site and perform site-wide administrative functions such as adding users, updating content, widgets, and plug-ins.
    2. Create personal space - can create and manage a personal space within the site.
    3. Update user status - can update their own status but cannot create spaces.
    4. Can use - can access the site but not update anything.

    Harvard Wikis also allows you to restrict access to individual pages in your space so that you

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