Harvard SharePoint

Harvard SharePointSharePoint for Harvard provides a range of functionality for projects and teams, including the ability to manage documents in a secure central location. SharePoint is powered by Microsoft.

Who can access my SharePoint site?

Your SharePoint site is not open to the public.

Faculty and staff in FAS, Divinity, Radcliffe, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Design, Harvard School of Public Health and Central Administration can access your site if you give them permission.

If in the course of collaboration someone from another organization requires an account, an account can be requested through the HUIT Support Center.

What kinds of permissions can I grant to users?

SharePoint has three user roles:

  1. Owner has full control of the site, can add users and update content.
  2. Member can upload, view and edit documents.
  3. Visitor has read only permission and so cannot upload or edit documents.

What are SharePoint's key features?

SharePoint is a Microsoft platform that allows you to create private facing content using a WYSIWYG html editor. It provides:

  • Collaboration space
  • Intranet functionality
  • Site management
  • One Drive for Business (Microsoft’s Google Drive equivalent)
  • Shared document and calendar management
  • HRCI level 3 (level 4 upon request)

See a full list of what is available in each platform.

When should I use SharePoint?

Use SharePoint for team or project sites to:

  • Collaborate on documents with others for the purpose of departmental or project work
  • Enable alerts to send notifications when a certain action takes place
  • Automatically manage document versions
  • Allow external users to collaborate
  • Search on document content
  • Set up a project or team calendar

Is SharePoint free for me?

SharePoint is free but only available if you are part of Central Administration, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Divinity, Radcliffe, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Design or Harvard School of Public Health. There are plans to expand access to SharePoint in the future.