Migration Options

The iSites platform is scheduled to retire on July 1, 2016. As you know, there are a number of iSites that require a group permissions solution that is not yet available in OpenScholar. We are working closely with our HUIT colleagues to develop and launch an enterprise group permissions solution over the next few months. OpenScholar will integrate with that solution at the site level. While we are confident this work is a high priority, at this point we do not expect this to be ready by the June deadline.

This is what we’d like you to do before June 30, 2016:

  1. Complete the migration of any of your iSites that do not require group permissions! These iSites will not be available after June 30 so if they are going to migrate to another platform, it is critical to prioritize that work now.
  2. Make sure that any iSites using group permissions really require that functionality. We have found that many of them can be moved to Harvard Only permissions, which is available in OpenScholar now.
  3. Consider the Harvard Wiki, which will continue to have group permissions after June 30. The Wiki will transition to the enterprise group permission solution once it is available.
  4. Also, consider replacing a single current standard iSite with more than one successor site in order to provide appropriate permissions. For example, use SharePoint for private content and OpenScholar for public content.
  5. Migrate any iSites that contain confidential (Level 3) data to SharePoint or Harvard Google. iSites is not approved for L3 data and that data must be removed as soon as possible. If you do not have access to either of these platforms, please contact Kathy Stuart (kathleen_stuart@harvard.edu)

Any iSites that require group permissions, do not contain L3 data, and are not suitable for the Harvard Wiki will not be shut off on July 1. You will be able to maintain your iSite until the enterprise group permission solution is available. However, you should begin your migration to OpenScholar before June 30 so that your site is ready to launch once our development work is done. We expect to have a timeline available for you to review in the next few weeks.

Once the enterprise group permission solution is completed and successfully launched, all standard iSites will be made inactive.