Export Tool and Archiving

iSites ToolWe can help with moving your content from your Standard iSites using the iSites Export Tool. This tool exports all text box content and files, including pdfs, docs and images into a zip file that we will email to you via HUIT's secure file transfer system. The export tool maintains the site directory structure so that you can easily locate files.

To request an export, please contact ithelp@harvard.edu or complete the support form on this website.

Archiving your iSite

There are two types of archiving you should consider if you are not going to migrate your iSite to another platform:

  • Archive for Retention: your iSite should remain available for a set period of time after June 2016 so that users can browse and review the content.
  • Archive for Preservation: you iSite should be considered for preservation by the University Archivist so that it remains available in some format with no set time limit.

We are currently collecting requirements and reviewing options for both kinds of archiving. Some of the requirements collected so far include:

  • Maintain confidentiality of Level 3 content in the archive 
  • Maintain permissions such as Harvard Only or custom groups in the archive
  • Redundancy of archive platforms in case of failure of components