Google Sites for Harvard

Google SitesGoogle Sites for Harvard is part of the Google Apps suite of online tools for collaboration and communication, for use in confidential teaching, learning and research. Google Sites is powered by Google.

How do I create a Google Site?

If you access to Harvard Google Sites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Google Sites
  3. You will see a list of any sites that you have created or joined
  4. Select the "Create" button on the side navigation to create a new site
  5. Select a theme, a name and a url and your site will be created

Who can access my Google Site?

Harvard Google Sites has five settings for site access:

  1. Public on the web - it is open to the public and will be crawled by search engines
  2. Anyone with the link - it will not be listed by search engines
  3. Google Apps for Harvard - people at Google Apps at Harvard can find and access
  4. People at Google Apps for Harvard who have the link 
  5. Specific people - you can invite people to have access to the site

What kinds of permissions can I grant to users?

Harvard Google Sites has three levels of permissions for the site and for individual pages or sets of pages:

  1. Is owner.
  2. Can edit.
  3. Can view.

Page-level permissions allows you to set different levels of permission for different users or groups of users on a page by page or section by section basis.

What are Google Sites' key features?

Google Sites is web content management tool that allows you to create public or private facing content using a WYSIWYG html editor. You can also:

  • Add announcements
  • Share calendars and documents
  • Create discussion forums
  • Create slideshows and display video
  • Add events and display as a list or in a calendar
  • Add people profiles which display in a list and as detail pages
  • Create gadgets that allow you to organize content to meet user needs
  • HRCI Level 3

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